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Dual Credit

Concurrent and Dual Credit Enrollment for High School Students

Qualified students may be enrolled concurrently with Hillsboro Independent School District and Hill College.  In some cases, high school students may receive high school as well as college credit for the Hill College courses.  This is referred to as “Dual Credit.” Courses for which students may receive dual credit must be approved by HHS. Concurrent enrollment allows HISD students to receive college credit for the courses completed while still enrolled in high school.  Concurrent enrollment courses are for college credit only – no high school credit will be given.

Students enrolled in either concurrent or dual credit courses will earn college credit and will have a college transcript of the work completed through Hill College.   Note: All courses taken on the Hill College campus are open to both high school and the general public.

To participate in dual or concurrent courses students must:

  • meet HHS campus criteria for program participation
  • apply to Hill College to participate
  • complete required paperwork provided by HHS counselors
  • take TSI if required (includes pre-assessment)

Memorandum of Understanding Between HISD and Hill College


Hillsboro ISD will pay tuition for students enrolling in academic concurrent and dual credit courses for one course per semester (5 semesters maximum).  Hill College covers any additional courses per semester for HHS students. Students will reimburse the district the cost of their tuition if they do not pass the course or if they drop the course after the final drop date for full reimbursement.  All students who wish for HISD to cover the cost of dual credit courses must complete 15 hours of community service each semester by established deadline.  Failure to complete community service hours will result in the student covering the cost of the course. Students may choose to pay for dual credit courses in lieu of community services hours.  Textbooks must be purchased or rented by the student and can be found at the Hill College bookstore or online.

Dual Credit Courses

For a list of all dual credit courses, please review the Academic Course Guide in the Counseling section of the HHS website.