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Career and Technical Education

Vision and Mission Statements

Vision: Hillsboro ISDs’ Career and Technical Education students will graduate prepared for college and career success.
Mission: Hillsboro ISDs’ Career and Technical Education program is devoted to preparing and growing our students to succeed in college and career readiness by instilling the ideals of professionalism, leadership, and service.


  • Offer a variety of CTE courses (including dual-credit courses) that address needs of the community and business while engaging students and their interests.

  • Promote student enrollment and participation in CTE courses, programs and student organizations.

  • Offer a variety of work-based certifications that encourage students to demonstrate their skill proficiencies and knowledge of course work.

  • Promote career exploration at all levels through interest surveys, career inventories, career-based projects, and career fairs

  • Develop a lasting partnership with local businesses and community members.

  • Facilitate project-based learning.