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Drop off/Pick up


HHS Pick Up and Drop off

Parents picking up and dropping off students at the high school should enter on the north side driveway.  Student drop off will be on the south side of the school and pick up will be in the rear of the school. At no time should a student be picked up from the front of the school unless signed out of the office by the parent or legal guardian.

Parking/Driving at School

Students driving cars to school are subject to all state and local traffic laws and regulations while they are on school property and must practice courteous and safe driving habits around school. The principal will establish student parking areas, and students must park only in those designated areas. Students may apply for a parking permit by submitting a copy of a valid driver’s license, proof of financial responsibility, and the fee of $5. The fee is not refundable. Cars parked in unauthorized areas will be towed away at the owner's expense.


Classes begin at at 8 a.m.
School is dismissed at 3:35 p.m.